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[audio]my stav - RU2HG3RM
i love my stav
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 32
[audio]mentol soup - RU2HG3RM
noisecore by RU2HG3RM
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 43
[audio]spread the propaganda
porraloka x dr. aochider split
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 39
[audio]black heart - RU2HG3RM
undead emo kids still cant die
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 76
[audio]BABYSR002 - Fatal Position - The Andre Dawson EP
One of the last recordings with Ryan on vocals, before he took over drum duty and Kevin took on vocals. Short and shitty noisecore. Available in V2-VBR and FLAC.
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 155
[audio]cyber metan - RU2HG3RM
noiscore which i do for more than one day
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 42
[audio]"Cidadão anarquista em meio a podridão de um sistema corrupto" - split
PORRALOKA x DANUNDA MATRIKRING "Cidadão anarquista em meio a podridão de um sistema corrupto" - split (2011) tracklist: 01.Boneco do Sistema 02.QUANDO NÃO Hà MAIS NADA A SE CRIAR, ENTÃO ENFIM CHEGOU A HORA DE DESTRUIR 03.Desenvolvendo o Nada Sobre a Violencia do Dia a Dia 04.NÃO PENSE QUE TODAS AS PESSOAS TÃM ESSE MEDO QUE VOCà TEM PORQUE NEM TODO MUNDO à TÃO CUZÃO ASSIM 05.Anarquia a Mil Por Hora em Um Mundo Pacifico 06.O HARDCORE NÃO TEM VALOR PORQUE HARDCORE NÃO à PRODUTO 07...
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 36
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 63
[audio]NxFxTxEx - NxFxTxEx
NxFxTxExDanish Noise artist who has released just about a 100 records or more. Nxfxtxex, which is short for "Not for Trendy Ears", saw the light of day in 1998 and was influences by anarchopunks CRASS Eli Gudnason is also behind the noise label "Legion Sudan".https://myspace.com/nxbxfxtfxteefxxehttp://www.last.fm/music/nxfxtxex
Keywords: NoiseCore
Downloads: 3
[audio]BABYSR011 - Fatal Position - 20 Jerks
A collection Fatal Position material from two splits in 2006-2007. The splits with 'Out of 20' and 'The Jerkwads'. 39 tracks of noisecore fun. Available in both MP3 VBR (V0) + FLAC http://www.myspace.com/fatalposition Both sessions, Eric Armstrong was kind enough to fill in on drums. Bass and vocals by Kevin Maurer as usual. 1-18 from the split with 'Out of 20' (self released) 19-39 from the split with 'The Jerkwads' (originally released via Noise Nerds Net Label) special thanks to the guys from...
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 98
[audio]PORRALOKA x NE EKZISTAS - split
o split mais filho da puta de todos os tempos
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 46
Keywords: Noisecore
Downloads: 11
[audio]BABYSR014 - Fatal Position & Rajabrah! - Crackhead Beatdown
noisecore insanity!
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 159
[audio]7 Minutes Of Nausea - 7 Minutes Of Nausea
7 Minutes Of NauseaLast.FMDiscogsMyspace
Keywords: Noisecore
Downloads: 3
[audio]Small Pecker
Small Pecker was a very short-lived side project from Jeff Hill (guitar/vocals) and Duane Hill (percussion/vocals)This is a noisecore, junkcore, shitcore, whatever you want to call it. All songs recorded September 2013. All samples are NOT cleared and no physical copies will be made or sold. This is a digital release only.Released by Exploding Nightmare Productions on January 10, 2014. Label Catalog Number - EXP-001
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 6
[movies]Fækal Omsorg "Jam-sæssion" - Wired Fly
Det infantile og analfikserede band, Fækal Omsorg øver op til deres kommende album. E.Lig spiller trommer og percussion og Herr Doktor spiller rock-guitar og synger. Øvningen er filmet af Johan Oettinger på et gammeldaws VHS kamera; yes mand! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The infantile and anal-obsessed band, Fækal Omsorg ["Fecal Care" in danish] is rehearsing for their upcoming album...
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 98
[audio]Canoply Games - PM-AM - Canoply Games
mp3 album
Keywords: noisecore
Downloads: 23
[audio]Pozilga - Pozilga
Keywords: Noisecore
Downloads: 3
[texts]Noise Of Intestines Listen My Shit 2013
Noise of Intestines
Keywords: noisecore; grindcore
Downloads: 7
[audio]01 Tape Recorder Burner
Keywords: noisegrind; noisecore
Downloads: 6
[texts]Noise Of Intestines Listen My Shit 2013
For Label
Keywords: noisecore; grindcore
Downloads: 6
[audio]01 Tape Recorder Burner - Pissdeads
Keywords: noisegrind; noisecore
Downloads: 4
progressive noise core
Keywords: progressive; noisecore
Downloads: 303
[audio]IGx - "Anti-mídia" - Ignorants?
IGNORANTS? "anti-mídia" (2006) tracklist: 00. fuck the music... fuck the noise... this is nihilism! _________________________________________________________ info: this release is a broken cd, so there's no tracks on it. _________________________________________________________ DIY OR DIE! FUCK COPYRIGHT.
Keywords: noisecore; ignorants?
Downloads: 8
[audio]Emocaust Records - Emocaust Records
Keywords: Noisecore; Grindcore
Downloads: 3
[audio][DNR12] Noise Haunted Insane & Síndrome Do Ódio (Split) - DreamNoise Records
Noisecore bands from Brazil
Keywords: Noisecore; Grindcore
Downloads: 19
[audio]Total Noisecore - Total Noisecore
Total Noisecore
Keywords: Total Noisecore
Downloads: 13
[audio]1000_Plus_17_Pirtek_zones_ep - Pirtek
4 zones of Pirteks incredible noisecore/extratone. This truly is some next level business and may be hard to appreciate by the unadvanced listener. As always I recommend you download the VBR.zip of the whole item and enjoy. Thanks to Pirtek for his incredible input to the label. Artist: Pirtek Lable: 1000 + Extratone Net Lable Album: Zones EP Tracks: 1. Zone 1 2. Zone 2 3. Zone 3 4. Zone 4 Everything By Paul Bolstridge Released By 1000 + Copyright 2009 Pirtek Music
Keywords: extratone; noisecore
Downloads: 274
[audio]7 MON - 7 MON
7 Minutes Of NauseaLast.FMDiscogsMyspace 
Keywords: Noisecore; Mincecore
Downloads: 16
[audio]Anal Master - EP - 2014 (2014) - Anal Master
Первый сраный релиз за новый 2014 год. 8 треков ебаный ИПИ. В день святого вагинала. Да хранит вас ебанный аллах! Хуинь. 1 Intro 2 Вся молодежь помешана на одном 3 Мечта извращенного геймера 4 Вибратор Вася 5 Подотру свой зад новыми играми на PS4 6 Мои фекалии засосало в виртуальную реа...
Keywords: grindcore; noisecore
Downloads: 15
[audio]. - .
Keywords: Noisecore; Anarchism
Downloads: 4
[texts]Gestörte Nachbarn/Pile Of Eggs "Fuck Everything!" split C-90 1995
Cassette tape released on Egg Scab Radio 15
Keywords: noise; noisecore
Downloads: 14
[audio]7 way split - Brutal penetration
V.A. noise & harsh
Keywords: noisecore; harshnoise
Downloads: 349
[audio]7 MON - 7 MON
Keywords: Noisecore; Noise
Downloads: 4
[audio]Zone Completion - Pirtek
Pirtek - Zone CompletionEverything By Paul BolstridgeCopyright 2014 Extermination RecordingsEX010Zone 1 - [5:10]Zone 2 - [5:05]Zone 3 - [4:35}Zone 4 - [7:36]Zone 5 - [5:48]Zone 6 - [5:41]Zone 7 - [5:22]Zone 8 - [6:38]
Keywords: Extratone; Noisecore
Downloads: 15
[audio]MHTO Untitled - MHTO
Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra part of split tape with Gorgonized Dorks - 2012
Keywords: noisecore; antijazz
[texts]MHTO 30 Songs - MHTO
30 songs by Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra - 2008
Keywords: noisecore; antijazz
[audio]MHTO Antijazz - MHTO
Massive antijazz cut up by Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra - 2008
Keywords: noisecore; antijazz
[audio]MHTO Collection
Collection of unreleased/out of print tracks by french noisecore/antijazz Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra. Songs recorded from 2007 to 2011. Screaming saxophone, fast drumming and heavily distorted bass collides in cacophonous noise/grind/jazz chaos ! Part 1:-The revolutionazy suicide of MHTO (2010)-Scum/orgasm (2010)-Untitled (split w/JLCostes) (2010)-Facts ! (split w/Ecoute La Merde) (2008)Part 2:-MHTO's anthem (2008)-How very much we loved MHTO (2009)-3 minutes of peaceful and emetic antij...
Keywords: noisecore; antijazz
[audio]Deche Charge - Deche Charge
WebDiscogsLastfmRONF Records
Keywords: Noisecore; Anarchism
[audio]Церковь - Отец Трёх Лет Был Наколот На Колесе (2012) - Церковь
Новый полнометражный альбом группы Церковь был выпущен: Отец Трёх Лет Был Отец Трёх Лет Был Наколот На Колесе Наколот На Колесе. Альбом был записан на новой передвижной студии Тазы Валят. Это первый альбом, который записывался вдалеке от дома группы Церковь...
Keywords: noisecore; acoustic; Церковь
Downloads: 55
[audio]ЗадушЫнная Пьеха - Типа Альбом (2010) - ЗадушЫнная Пьеха
ЗадушЫнная Пьеха - нойзкор проект, созданный в 2001 под впечатлением от околомузыкального "творчества" разных малолетних долбоебов, выкладывающих свои говнойз шедевры на известный иузблог Getalbums.ru, и в первую очередь - от творчества самой ущербной в мире недогруппы под назван...
Keywords: noisecore; noisegrind; noise
Downloads: 24
[audio]Церковь - Квази Метал (2002) - Церковь
Магнитоальбом. Студия Dvusrachek Records. Трэклист: 01-Квази Метал, 02-Get What You Deserve, 03-Gommorrah, 04-Arise, 05-Sodomized, 06-Штекщ, 07-Outro. Стиль альбома: акустический трэш нойзкор (acoustic thrash noisecore)
Keywords: acoustic; noisecore; noise; Церковь
Downloads: 31
[audio]Fantasticheskaya Zhaba "Ternistiy Put Grekha"
Fantasticheskaya Zhaba "Ternistiy Put Grekha" Recorded February 2011 in Gatchinskaya Street Pishchal - voice Neklyud - violin Goliaf - bass guitar Satrap - drums Contact: PO Box 30, Leningrad, 195009, RSFSR
Keywords: noisecore; russia; fantasticheskaya zhaba
Downloads: 103
[audio]Пердящие Валенки - Black caviar in a Patriarch'beard [Single] (2014) - Пердящие Валенки
Лайв сингл noisecore/grindcore группы Пердящие Валенки, посвященный поцреарху всея Руси 1. Black caviar in a Patriarch's beard
Keywords: noisecore; noisegrind; live; single
Downloads: 7
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-03-07 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Extortion, Despise You, PTAO, Gorgonized Dorks, O, Zaskae, No Thoughts, Six Brew Bantha, Flachenbrand, Slang, Fuck On The Beach, Cripple Bastards, Atentat Na Sluh, CSSO, Realized
Keywords: grindcore; noisecore; powerviolence
Downloads: 92
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-04-05 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Sottopressione, Default, Low Threat Profile, ED, Seditius, xBrainiax, Unholy Grave, Ingrowing, Extortion, Sylvester Staline, Spazz, Flu, Negazione
Keywords: grindcore; noisecore; powerviolence; hardcore
Downloads: 65
[audio]Kovshuesos - Demo 99 (1999) - Kovshuesos
Первое и единственное демо группы Kovshuesos, которая предшествовала группе Анальная Кара 1. seven bums 2. huesos
Keywords: noisecore; lo-fi; Ukraine
Downloads: 16
[audio]Grindcore Game - Round 1
Round 1 of the GrindcoreDotCom forum grindcore game.
Keywords: Grindcore; noisecore; game
Downloads: 134
[audio]Церковь - Квази Альбом (2002) - Церковь
Магнитоальбом. Студия Dvusrachek Records. Трэклист: 01-Malignant Tumour, 02-War, 03-Мегаэнцифалит, 04-Паралич, 05-Patient, 06-Собака Каннибал, 07-Mortification, 08-Nervous Attack Fatal Consequences, 09-Spitting Of Blood Haemorhage Cerebral, 10-Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon, 11-Мерси Боку. Стиль альбома: акустический трэш нойзкор (acoustic thrash noisecore)
Keywords: acoustic; noisecore; noise; Церковь
Downloads: 33
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